2010 Georgia High Yield Corn Production Efficiency Contest Winner

Accelegrow Technologies would like to congratulate David Stafford for his success in winning the Georgia Corn Efficency Contest for Dryland Corn the second year in a row. David produced 216.8 bushels of corn at a per bushel production cost of .80 cents per bushel using Anderson Seeds Silo King. Dr. Dewey Lee the University of Georgia Extension Agronomist (Grain Crops) presented the award at the 2011 Corn Short Course and annual meeting of the Georgia Corn Growers Association Program held at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center.



David, pictured with Dr. Dewey Lee, Extention Agronomist-Grains and Brenda Jackson, Extension Coordinator, University of Georgia.


Our thanks to David for his conitnued use of Accele-Grow-M in all his crop production.


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