Auburn University’s Joseph M. Kemble Receives

 Accelegrow Research Scientist of the Year Award

West Point, GA. May 6, 2008 – Accelegrow Technologies, Inc., (, has honored Dr. Joseph M. Kemble, of Auburn (AL) University, with the Company’s Accelegrow Technologies 2007 Research Scientist of the Year award.

This first presentation of what is planned as an annual award was announced at Accelegrow’s Annual Shareholders Meeting in West Point on April 25.

The 2007 Research Scientist of the Year award is unique to the slate of Accelegrow Awards because it honors an individual that contributes both to the research of progressive crop practices and to the education of farmers that use these practices.  Other Accelegrow Awards bring recognition to farmers who use progressive practices to overcome the many hurdles that come with a typical farming year.


“Dr. Kemble maintains the highest scientific standards in everything he does,” said Accelegrow Chairman and CEO Gerald Andrews. “His professional integrity and meticulous focus on detail from seed germination through the growth cycle, harvest, and finally crop analysis is exceptional. The resulting information and attention to scientific protocol has greatly assisted Accelegrow Technologies in providing the highest quality standards of performance to farmers that use our products.”

Dr. Kemble is currently a professor at Auburn University’s College of Agriculture. He serves as the Education Advisor for the Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association; is an active member of the Alabama Extension Specialists Association as well as its past president; and serves on the Executive Committee for the Southern Region of the American Society for Horticultural Science. He has published extensive research papers and is a contributor to Backyard Wisdom in his spare time. 

A nationally respected researcher, Dr. Kemble again demonstrated his expertise in working on Accelegrow-related research over the past two years. A New Jersey native, he earned a BS degree from the University of Delaware and a Masters and PhD both from North Carolina State University.


In his work with Accelegrow, Dr. Kemble completed a wide range of replicated research activities ranging from initial seed vigor tests, greenhouse studies, and field trials under various irrigated and non-irrigated conditions. He tested Accele-Grow-M with multiple varieties of tomatoes, squash, corn, cantaloupe, peppers and other vegetables over the past two years to help improve crops and farming practices for those whose livelihood comes from farming across the southeast. He has also performed and monitored extensive tests and evaluations of Accelegrow products for field corn, soybeans, cotton, peanuts, wheat, rye, pasture/hay and other crops. His work has included not only food and fiber crops, but dry biomass production for the rapidly expanding biofuel industry.  Dr. Kemble has already begun 2008 tests focused on making farming a successful and profitable venture for the farmers of tomorrow.