Limestone County, AL’s Nobi Daly Farmer Testimonial

Accelegrow Technologies, Inc.


West Point, GA. May 6, 2008 – Accelegrow Technologies, Inc., (, had awarded Nobi Daly of Limestone County, AL to bring recognition to farmers who use progressive practices to overcome the many hurdles that come with a typical farming year.


Today, Mr. Daly’s farming outlook is very different from what it was a year ago, thanks to his progressive farming practices and Accele-Grow-M.  A year ago, Mr. Daly had significant loans that had become past due after several years of crop failure from the extreme drought that blanketed the southeast. He was unable to afford traditional cropping practices and believed that he was facing his final year of farming – a life that he loved.  Then, at his brother in-law’s suggestion, Mr. Daly tried Accele-Grow-M on his 1,200 acres of corn, soybeans, and cotton. He had extraordinary yields, despite the USDA declaring Limestone County, AL, as the geographic center of the worst drought area in the US for 2007.


Mr. Daly’s bumper crops grabbed the attention of neighbors and farmers across the state. Even the media was interested in how he made his crops flourish under such adverse conditions.  In one interview, he noted that, “My corn tripled in size and I’ve got a bumper soybean crop and a good looking cotton crop. Bear in mind, this all came with the summer’s drought and no irrigation.” 


See his video at this link in the overview.


Mr. Daly had followed the Accelegrow Technologies application protocol of a seed coating and two timed foliar treatments per crop. His resulting cotton crop was one of the highest graded in the state, and he had the only Grade 1 soybean crop around.  His

soybeans brought him a premium over his contract price, and due to increased yield and exceptional quality, he received more then double what he thought he would get. Mr. Daly’s Accele-Grow corn yields averaged out at165 bushels per acre, compared to the untreated control at 40 bushels.  His Accele-Grow soybeans produced 60 bushels per acre compared to the seven bushels his untreated acreage produced. 


With Accelegrow, the ability to make a decent living by farming has become a reality for him and many other farmers across the country despite tough circumstances that accompany a typical year in agriculture.  Accelegrow Technologies, Inc., encourages farmers to be forward-thinking in addressing issues like dry-land farming and drought. Thanks to new technology, these factors no longer have to kill crops or farming futures.


Nobi once again proved success when following our recommended application practice.


Accelegrow Technologies, Inc takes pride in the proven success of the Accele-Grow-M product used in the US and in several other countries in Asia, South America and Europe.