Where to Buy

Direct from Accelegrow Tech Inc 1.888.442.2235 by the gallon or in easy measure and pour 8oz bottles.

Other Sellers:

USA Above Faithway

Faithway Feed Co. LLC

Phone: 800-858-3194

Email: faithway@faithwayfeedco.com


Faithway Feed Co. LLC sells Accele-Grow at 300 retail stores located throughout the Southeast in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi. To located a dealer near year please visit www.faithwayfeedco.com/dealers.aspx



Grammatikaki Chrysanthi

31, Kifissias Avenue 115 23

Athens Attica Greece

Tel +30 210 6460700

Mob +30 694 6338100

Fax +30 210 6440762

e-mail: cgrammatikaki@intrachem.gr