Testing - Cotton

Cotton tests have been performed to determine quality and yield increases as well as increased cotton seed production per bowl in upland cotton varieties.  Tests were done on both irrigated and non-irrigated land to determine effects of Accele-Grow supplements in ‘ideal’ conditions and those that were in drought conditions in 2006.  In addition to the chart and gin data below, the cotton treated with Accele-Grow products received seven additional quality points because of the high maturity and quality attributes of the cotton.  The chart below shows cotton and cotton seed production for 2006.  

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Tests run in 2007 replicated the previous year’s results in improving cotton quality and yield, showing consistency in results when using Accele-Grow fertilizer supplement.  In 2007, drought stressed cotton treated with Accele-Grow-M produced 1.4 bales per acre and was graded #1 - currently it is the best cotton in the region it was grown. Untreated test fields produced no cotton due to the stress of drought on the plant.  The gin sheets below represent cotton yield and quality in dry land cotton production with rainfall amounts at 20% of normal and in the Exceptional drought category as assigned by the Drought Monitor. 

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