Our Company

Research and technology have made great advances in agriculture in recent years.  Yet a bio-technology advocacy group recently complained that the gains were more of the same i.e. primarily aimed at making crops more resistant to herbicides and pesticides.  They said that few of the crops for sale last year were nutritionally enhanced to increase yield and improve quality.  With Accelegrow Technologies a new paradigm takes center stage with its new revolutionary introduction of Accele-Grow™* fertilizer supplement.  Accele-Grow products are very unusual in many ways.

 Many agronomists, horticulturists and bio-scientists have estimated that plants utilize only 35 to 50% of their genetic potential.  Accele-Grow products can unlock that growth potential and substantially increase performance for – FOOD, FIBER, FUEL and FOREST.  This encompasses leading major crops including cotton, corn, sugarcane, soybeans, hay, peanuts, wheat, rye, vegetables, grasses, trees and timber.  Field tests have shown it to be extremely effective in increasing dry carbon bio-mass for ethanol and bio-diesel conversion. 

Accele-Grow products have been shown to provide the following special attributes and worth to the farmer

  1. Increased Crop Yields
  2. Improved Quality
  3. Stress and Drought Resistance
  4. Consistent Performance
  5. Sustainability in Providing Healthier Plants
  6. Carbon Sequestering Properties
  7. Increased Percentage of Seed Germination
  8. Larger Root Mass
  9. Accelerated Growth Cycle
  10. All Contributing to Increased Profitability

Accele-Grow products have been designed specifically to increase crop yields and improve quality of production.  They contain ingredients that have been shown to assist farmers faced with crop stress and drought.  The many Accele-Gro product attributes have transferred directly to the bottom line by producing increases in profitability.

Depending upon the crop being grown and conditions present, one gallon of liquid Accele-Grow product will treat 10 to 21 acres.   An approximate added cost per acre of $10 -$12 for the product has shown a significant return on investment.

Accele-Grow products are not designed to replace fertilization, pesticide or herbicide applications.   They have been developed to work in harmony with traditional crop practices as a fertilizer supplement.  Accelegrow Technologies, Inc.  has multiple  patents pending for its eco-friendly, natural-based, revolutionary fertilizer supplement that improves crop yields, and quality and may lower production costs and significantly increase profitability for those who have used them in accordance with proper application techniques.


We have consistently found that crops using Accele-Grow products have substantially increased production under drought and stress conditions.  This is extremely important to “dry land” farmers in many areas and the projected curtailment of water available for irrigation in other locations. The unique, patent pending formulations of Accele-Grow products help mitigate these water demands.

Carbon Sequestering

Continuing tests with Accele-Grow have shown substantial increases in carbon sequestering in conjunction with no till and conventional farming practices through significant growth in root depth and mass. Total biomass increases per acre using Accelegrow products have shown substantial increases of total carbon content in some test results, leading to yield opportunities in ethanol and biofuel production. The increase in total carbon removed from the air may lead to quality improvements in the atmosphere as well.

Accelegrow Technologies continues research and development efforts to help provide technology to feed a hungry world.

The world is desperately seeking black and white answers which produce clear, easy unambiguous solutions.  Life is simpler painted in black and white. We are very fortunate at Accelegrow Technologies because we impinge upon some of the greatest challenges the world has faced in decades population growth, hunger, poor nutrition, drought and water shortages, global warming, carbon sequestration, oil dependency, ethanol production, pollution of our rivers and oceans, and the list continues to grow. Accelegrow Technologies will continue to address these challenges and opportunities of the future.