Product Overview

Accele-Grow products are fertilizer supplements that are eco-friendly, naturally-based, and are revolutionary plant growth enhancers that provide greater yields, higher crop quality, and increased profitability for farmers.  Accelegrow Technologies’, patent pending, breakthrough technology allows a plant to unlock its genetic potential, stimulating the plants cells to produce at opportune times to create a more productive and healthier plant.  The difference is found in our unique preservative, stabilizer, activator and carrier system that maintain efficacy and balance reducing the need for as many applications as similar products require.  In fact, Accele-Grow products usually require a seed coating and two to three foliar applications per crop for best performance which can be applied with fertilizer, pesticide or herbicides resulting in no additional application costs. 

Accele-Grow Products Provide:
Increased Yield
Improved Quality
Drought and Stress resistance
Carbon sequestering properties
Improved Profitability

As independent test results and farmer testimonials show – Accele-Grow products provide meaningful differences and increased profitability for plants grown for – food, fiber, fuel source, or forest.  In addition to crop tests under normal condition, Accele-Grow products have been shown to mitigate the effects of crop stress in drought situations.  For more information on crop tests and product performance please see the crop test section.