Testing - Vegetables


Vegetable testing took place in Malvern, Alabama, USA on drip irrigated farm land.  Ten acres were planted with 5,000 Roma tomato plants.  Accele-Grow fertilizer supplement was applied twice at the rate of 5 ounces per acre through the drip irrigation system (5+5) and 15lbs of 20-20-20 fertilizer were applied per acre.  Total yield on Accele-Grow supplement treated Roma tomatoes (graded number 1) was 1,976 boxes versus the five year average of 972 boxes. 

Roma Tomatoes Yield Increase 2006

Summer squash testing was performed in 2006 on drip irrigation.  The experimental acreage was treated with two foliar applications of 4 ounces each (4+4) per acre and all other cropping practices were maintained between the control plots and the experimental plots.  Yield results from the Accele-Gro supplement treated summer squash were at 890 boxes per acre verse the untreated yield of only 438 boxes per acre.

Summer Squash Yield Increase 2006