Testing - Soybeans

2009 Nobie Daly Soybeans yield 77.83 bushels per acre.

2007 Soybean Trials, Dry land Farming: Yields, Biomass
Daly Family farms located in Elkmont County Alabama, USA had rainfall at 20% of normal.  Test plots were treated with Accele-Grow supplement as a seed treatment and with two foliar applications of 4 ounces each (S+4+4) per acre.  The chart below represents the yield at bushels per acre for both treated and untreated soybean.

Dee River Ranch located in Aliceville, Alabama, USA had rainfall at levels <30% of normal.  The following plots were treated with two foliar applications of 4 ounces each (4+4) per acre.  Please note the seed treatment was not administered on these plots.  The chart below demonstrates the biomass increases of Accele-Grow supplement treated soybeans as compared to untreated soybeans of the same variety. 

2006 soybean tests were initially done on distressed soy fields that were going to be plowed under due to the extreme drought conditions.  Instead of plowing under, Accele-Grow supplement was applied and a soybean crop of 56 bushels was harvested and the investment in the field was saved.